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I don't know if anybody has any idea on this, but this year we could have a Director field with all Oscar Winners. Ben Affleck has a screenplay Oscar. Has this happened before?

I can see this scenario helping Tom Hooper, because there won't be any director who's seen as due, which includes himself. But if Lez Miz is the frontrunner, I don't see why they would have a problem giving him another win, especially with the other contenders being Oscar Winners anyway. Affleck can be helped by not having won Director before, but right now, I don't see Argo winning. If this happens, then you have to assume that Best Director and Best Picture will go to the same film, whether it's Lez Miz, Lincoln, or Zero Dark Thirty.

And I realize David O. Russell is in the mix, but I don't see him getting nominated.

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