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Don Cheadle is (STILL) Captain Planet!

I really wanted to make a thread for this, as i think its absolute genius- but its really inconvenient to write posts from my phone so I am just copy/pasting my current Facebook status. if it seems strangely written- its to appeal to 700 people, some i dont know but most of whom probably dont really follow the same things as most schmoes.

Last September ('11) one of the greatest actors of our generation, Mr. Don "I was in Volcano before I won Oscars" Cheadle, donned the silver(ish?) and red suit, turquoise face paint, and green hair to become one of the most legendary heroes of all time...Captain Planet. It was a glorious 2 and a half minutes and remains one of my all time favorite viral videos. You can refresh your memory on how awesome that was here:

Now, November 27, 2012, Cheadle returns to his greatest role for a quick but wonderful sequel, and the amazing news that he loves doing this as much as I love watching it and has decided to do an entire web series. Score one for nostalgia laced satirical videos starring award winning thespians. See the sequel in all of its glory

Now go watch both of them or my good friend here will turn you into a fucking tree.
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