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I know Singer didn't direct X3 and First Class, I should have been more specific when talking about the X-Men universe and who directed what. There's really no continuity in this series, but I just ignore X3 and Wolverine to begin with because it's not in the same line as X-Men, X2 and First Class which is more of linear continuation.
You know, whats the big deal with continuity?

I mean, when you try to keep everything in THREE SEPARATE FILM FRANCHISES in continuity with each other, whats the point. I hink the viewing audience is just dumb enough to not even really notice, given a single line of explanatory dialogue.

Comic books are, like basically never in continuity anymore. Soda can agree with that. Youve got 3 X-films, 2 First Class Films and 2 Wolverine films. Its not really important and it could likely screw up a film if it were to ignore it.
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