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Favorite old school studio logos

So what are your favorite old school movie studio logos that start off the movie? Let's define "old school" as roughly anything before a 1990s era update. or something close.

My top picks:

United Artists early 80s logo - I will forever associate this with The Secret of Nimh and all my countless viewings of that movie. It's also one of those logos that personifies "movie magic" and the majesty of old Hollywood. I can't think of another logo that has been remade as many times as the UA logo, which seemed to get a new version every five years or so.

Tristar Pictures 80s era logo - Oh man, this logo graced the front of so many movies I remember growing up with. It's a shame they've essentially phased this one out.

New World Pictures - I can't explain why, but I've always loved this logo, even though it was usually placed in front of a terrible movie.

HBO Feature Presentation - Technically not a studio logo, but it graced the front of most of the movies any of us watched in the 80s. Absolutely epic and maybe one of the greatest logos of all time.

Universal Pictures 1936 logo
- Didn't watch a lot of classics, but I've always loved this mirror ball style logo.

Carolco Pictures - With the Rambo theme attached, you knew some shit was a bout to go down.

Orion Pictures - Does anyone else permanently associate this one with Robocop?

Paramount 75th Anniversary - Nothing particularly special about this one, but for some reason I just mentally associate the 75th logo with going to the movies as a kid.
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