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I think Hunt is very safe. That's a really weak category and in addition to the reception that her performance has received from critics, that movie will play particularly well in screener format. She was pretty much considered the frontrunner until Hathaway came along, so I don't see how she gets left out.
She probably won't, but lots can happen in the next two months or so. Fields edged her out after Lincoln screened, so I disagree that she was the frontrunner before Hathaway. The 3rd and 4th spots are tight with Hunt and Adams now, from the way I see it. Anyway Helen Hunt seems like a super down-to-earth person, and even though she always plays Helen Hunt no matter what part she plays, she's excellent in The Sessions so I'd be happy to see her nominated.

anyways, the category is Hathaways, I had that feeling even before Les Miz screened and the reactions just confirmed it. It's going to go down as the most predictable category come Feb 24th.

In other news, I just came from seeing Anna Karenina. And WOW, the Academy will make a snub supreme combo if they ignore Keira Knightley for Best Actress and Jude Law for Supporting Actor. I know the latter is pretty much beating a dead horse, but he would truly deserve it. Knightley though, man, it's her best performance by a Russian country mile. Vronsky's character was completely mishandled, but Keira was the perfect Anna. The book is a masterpiece, can't really be filmed unless you make it into a 12 hour miniseries, but kudos to Wright for having so much fun in Tolstoy's world and getting Knightley for the part. Lawrence winning looks even more like a disaster result now. They got best actress completely right (well, not completely, Swinton was hella snubbed but they got the winner right anyways) last year, really hope they don't muck it up this year.

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