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Well did they not already state the the general cost of the new controllers around $130 or something? I think that's what it was or around that value. I can't see them cutting the price by much in a bundle though, especially if its a much waited for game like say if they actually had a Zelda title any where near completion.

The other thing that bothers me is that, this Nintendo rep, has stated straight out that you will NEED an external HD if you want to digitally download a game. To me that now means that whatever the HD is that you buy it is essentially now a value that might as well be included in the consoles actual price.

Like say if the system costs $250 but you also NEED an HD if you want to use the system fully and lets say you pick up a 1T drive for say $100. That is now a $350 Nintendo system.

I think this is definitely a clever but also dubious sales technique: Sell system for a lower point price but design it to not work to its full capacity so ppl have to actually spend more. The only way they are getting away with it imo is cause they are not making you give THEM more money to make it work (I'm looking at you N64 Expansion pack and Wii Motion+) but in the end are forcing you to spend more to use they product to the full effect.
In my eyes, it's just another cheap ploy by Nintendo. It's a similar argument they made about not including a CD or DVD drive because they're sure you have enough of those at home, so now they're assuming we have large external hard drives laying around that we can plug up to our $250 game console.
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