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it says it is based on the Prosecutors book, which means him and his publishing company are the ones that get the money.

Im not sure how it works with her name being used, I cant imagine she would grant permission, seeing as it is based on a book by the PROSECUTOR, obviously this will not paint her in a positive light, so perhaps there is some law that allows them to use her name without permission or restitution.
Either way, it's a movie about HER. Look at it however you want to, but this movie wouldn't even be considered if this horrid cunt wasn't alive/a murderer of her child (fuck the justice system...the bitch did it).

I say fuck the justice system, because it's a bullfuck system. Again, going back to something I said earlier in this thread: that cocksucker that shot up everyone in Aurora during TDKR shouldn't be allowed a trial. He isn't innocent until proven guilty. He shouldn't be allowed a jury. He's a fucking psycho...and fuck that insanity plea, too. He should be shot...repeatedly, and the extremities. Not that it much matters, but I live 40 minutes from where that happened in Colorado...and I still felt the impact it had even here.

Yes, I've been drinking whiskey and I apologize for my off-topic rant (I may or may not continue this in another thread in MISC), but fuck it. Fuck that cunt. Fuck this movie (not Rob Lowe). And fuck everything associated with it all.

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