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You know, whats the big deal with continuity?

I mean, when you try to keep everything in THREE SEPARATE FILM FRANCHISES in continuity with each other, whats the point. I hink the viewing audience is just dumb enough to not even really notice, given a single line of explanatory dialogue.

Comic books are, like basically never in continuity anymore. Soda can agree with that. Youve got 3 X-films, 2 First Class Films and 2 Wolverine films. Its not really important and it could likely screw up a film if it were to ignore it.
But are they really trying to keep everything separate? Like I said, if you completely ignore X3 and Wolverine, First Class fits perfectly (besides Charles ending up in a wheelchair a little too early in their friendship) with Singer's first two X-Men films. Now, with The Wolverine it's suppose to pick up right after the end of X3 with Logan still trying to get over the lost of Jen, but now he's going to be in X-Men Day of Future Past which is fine if they just use the time travel element like it was used in Star Trek to pretend X3 never happened.
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