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“Workers are sick and tired of making poverty wages,” despite working for multibillion-dollar corporations, he said. “I don’t think this is a short-term fight.”

Richard Adams, a McDonald's franchise adviser, told Reuters $15 an hour would be an "insane increase" that would add as much as $2 to the price of menu items.

Those lines are the most telling.
So because you work for a multi billion dollar corp, you should as an entry level no skills position employee should make as much as educated, skilled worked who make $30k a year. That is fine as long as everyone else is also given a raise in the same percentage.

If the price go up anywhere near that amount, people will stop buying fast food and buy somewhere else costing most of you your jobs.

If people are so sick and tired of not making enough money, get educated and or some real world skills and get a better job. Fast food is not a career. Get real people.
Wait a minute, wait a minute. Working in fast food is not a real job? But parents send their teenagers to work at these places so they can get a taste of what its like working in the real world?

I know its not the "ideal" job, but it is not unskilled. Everybody at McDonald's has to undergo some form of training. Both my brother and sister worked/work in the service industry, it is not by any stretch easy and unskilled. If I apply to work at Friday's against my sister, she's getting the job, not me. Why? Because she's SKILLED.

My brother worked at one place for 5 years and made just over $5.00/hr. Despite those years of experience he was told he couldn't have a raise. He also goes to school.

Also if all these people got educated and got some "real world skills", who's gonna be working there? The answer is not always "highschool students". As long as we're gonna be gluttonous we're gonna need people to make our fast food, at least pay them a livable wage. Fuck, people in fast food don't even get tips to make up for crappy pay.

Forget "entitlement class", how about the class who simultaneously demean your work and classify it as beneath a certain level, yet still patronize these establishments with these plebeians serving their orders. These people are working, they're not sitting on their ass cashing a government check, they aren't asking to be able to afford Ferrari's, they just want their job to actually be enough to pay for food and rent and transportation to their job.

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