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Nine poor men use coercion to take money from a rich man in an alley. That's called "a mugging."

Ninety percent of the electorate uses the coercive power of government to take money from the richest 10%. That's called "progressive legislation in a representative democracy."

The real, essential difference? Semantics. People don't like getting mugged by a guy with a voter registration card any more than they like getting mugged by a guy with a switch blade.

Also what are volunteers, unpaid non-college credit interns and unpaid actors supposed to live on huh? What makes people who serve food in a short amount of time so morally superior over those who don't? There has to be logic to come to conclusions and not just because things "sound good". Government doesn't have to abide by this simple fact because it has a monopoly of force behind it. And people wonder why businesses and corporations try to buy politicians. Most of them would be foolish not to in this busy body political destructive environment.
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