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I have a feeling that there are people on here who work in the service industry, and they sure wouldn't feel good coming in here and seeing other people tell them how their job is more or less worthless, that it requires nothing more than to 'turn over meat,' that their hours of work doesn't amount to anything compared to a hypothetical hard worker, that they're 'muggers' or 'those burger flippers.'

I think people who are working (or have worked) in the service industry would find that sort of rhetoric personally insulting and offensive. Then again that's just me.
For the record, I have worked at Arby's, Jungle Jims (A grocery store in Ohio) as a bag boy, lawn care, and a few other shitty retail jobs before completing my education and moving on. Not once did I feel I deserved more than minimum wage in those positions. Even as a 15yr old kid ringing up roast beef sandwiches, I knew then that it was shit work for shit pay that anyone can do. Why do you think I was motivated to go to college? Because I didn't want to do that shit for a living. It was easy work, not back breaking labor. Besides having sore feet from standing at a register and dealing with the occasional rude customer, what the fuck did I have to complain about? And I did that shit with a smile and had excellent customer service, not like the lazy fucks I see behind registers today, too busy texting to take a fucking order. Fuck them. Even the lawn and garden work which was much more hands on didn't phase me doing it. I didn't expect to get paid $10/hr to cut grass because the job isn't worth $10/hr. It is common sense. I guess that is something some of the lifers stuck at the register lack though and that is why they have the gall to ask for $15/hr to do that. Ingrates.
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