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Sony and Microsoft already offer pretty much every major or popular title that comes out as a digital download from their respective networks and these are available on release day. Nintendo is running to try and catch up to this standard. In those terms you will need a big external HD as now that Nintendo is putting out essentially the same games as the other 2 you're looking at upwards of 2-8gig per game.
I think it's like with PS3, though, the first model was like 40 gigs or something and it's starting price was pretty insane. That was the one thing that kept me, someone who isn't as avid a gamer as maybe even the norm, from buying one. Nintendo would have lost more sales, IMO, by increasing the price. The price is probably the main thing keeping people who want one from getting one, so I see adding in more things as just making it more likely that people won't get one. I'd figure by next Christmas, they'll have models with more memory at a lower price.

It does kind of feel like they are holding back but I think it's in the consumer's best interest. For now, I think the people who are going to need that extra memory will probably be able to make due, whereas the people who are excited to try the "new way of playing" are more interested in going at it and might not miss the extra memory.

Atm you're right that the only thing they really have is the Virtual Console which wouldn't be a problem. But with tech heading more and more away from the need to have hard copies this will become a big problem if doing things like Nintendo are doing (having a cheaper system but requiring you to by extra peripherals) becomes common place.
I was thinking just more in terms of the people who were excited to get the system. For example, I didn't even know about the eStore or whatever it is, until after buying the console. After that, I saw the benefit of the memory but also was comfortable knowing how easy memory is to come by. And I'm pretty confident that I'm in an upper tier of consumers when it comes to researching and learning about products before buying. I think, like with the Wii, most early adopters are going to be most interested in the gamepad and higher graphics. I guess what I'm saying is that, to me, the memory thing fills a sort of secondary need. In terms of the deluxe package, the stand and dock are what interest me (along with including a game) -- the memory thing doesn't even register because I could probably find 24 gigs of memory in my couch cushions.

As an aside - I might actually be trading up when I come across a deluxe version solely for the dock, stand and game. Those 3 pieces add up pretty quick and I'm not seeing any non-3rd party stands/docks that come in white - granted I haven't dug in to find one, but it's pretty weird that they aren't readily available. I had actually settled on the white version being preferable (color-wise) due to matching my motion controllers and the lack of finger prints.

Well the reasoning as to why Sony of Microsoft packed extra stuff into their consoles is a moot point. The fact is that they did and it is now seen as the standard so for Nintendo to not bring those features (in their second system within the other 2's single system generation no less) makes it seem like a crappier product. Now i'm with you in that that line of thinking isn't good and that any intelligent person would do their own research and get what ever fits their needs but well know that lvl of intelligence isn't considered average. There are too many ppl out there that will take it a face value and in turn Nintendo could lose money because of that. If anything its the fact that the system is as cheap as it is that will keep that margin of loss (if any) to a minimum.
But I think the appeal with Nintendo's Wii and Wii U was that it wasn't the standard. When Sony and MS come out with their next system and it includes motion controls and a gamepad as standard, then I think the comparisons will be easier to make. Going back to a discussion we'd had way back, I still think Nintendo is aiming toward a wider array of gamer demographics.

I also don't really care for the "All in one" type machine for the same reasons you give. I don't want the main thing i uses it for to kill it and then keep me from using the other 4 things i could have used it for. At the end of the day though its about practicality, sure you could have a different device for everything the PS3 or Xbox 360 does but if you don't have adequate outlets to plug them into or can't get them to communicate together then its not that good.
Yeah, I'd like there to be that all-in-one thing, but it's just not feasible, at least until we get rid of physical media. I don't see that happening this decade. We'll probably have "smart houses" before we see a single device that does everything.

i think for HDMI you have to do something in the settings to get it to move the sound along with the video in some cases. Myself i have my PC HDMI'd into my TV but i use my surround sound PC speakers to play the sound instead of the TV's weak speakers. It was like that when i first set it up but if i wanted the TV to out put the sound i'd have to go in and set it up that way. I prefer the PC surround sound so i've never looked into how to do it personally.
In my TV manual (samsung LN650, b-class) it says you can't do the audio thru. I think it has to do with the HDMi profile being one of the earlier ones (1.2?) and not having the bandwidth for full HD and digital audio. Being honest with myself, I know it's more of an issue with my TV being a little bit old (2009 model) and my receiver being older (2002, but I hate upgrading... last year of Technics receivers and I'd spent since 1990 building that mid-line system around a 1989 CD player...) and it's not Nintendo's thing. But I guess with optical audio or coax audio out, to me, that's like the missing DVD player is to you. Just one of those things where it's like, "WHHHHYYYYY NOT!?"

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Reluctantly got the stupid thing. And I love it.
Damnit -- since I have the console, but can't use it until Xmas, comments like this make me feel like a character from a teen sex comedy who's eager to lose their virginity. I mean, I have the console, am hearing everyone saying how awesome it is, but damnit I just can't use it. To add to it, I'm watching videos online of people using the Wii U.

Wait, actually...

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