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Where did you come up with 10.55? Where did these people come up with $15.00? So combating something that is bad (inflation) is to combat it with something else that is bad (raising minimum wage)? How about we try to stop inflation instead of just concentrating on raising the minimum wage?

You also mentioned that people can just work hard for a few years and get wage increases - another problem. At a lot of service/retail positions, they dont offer wage increases. And if you ask for one, often times you're just fired, so they can bring in a teenager who gets paid less. Happens all the time.

How the hell is raising minimum wage bad?

Ive also said this before but not here - a really good way to fix the unemployment rate is for the government to somehow offer incentives to employers to offer more full-time positions for their employees. Not necessarily higher wages, or better/more benefits. Just 40 hrs/week. Why does this help? Because many in the working poor have two (or more) jobs. They beg for full-time positions, but never get them, despite working in the same place for years. But if they had full-time positions, they could leave their 2nd job, freeing up millions of part-time positions for others.

Not a full proof plan, but if one person taking up 3 jobs just to make a liveable wage became 3 people with 1 full-time position each making a liveable wage, well you can see the benefit.

Now "how the world is right now" is because of the way of government has been stepping in for a while now including in a college education. Access to an elementary school education became "a right" then access to a high school education became "a right" and now access to a college education is becoming "a right". So how does the value of such a system break down exactly? I'm sorry but the more people have of something the less value it has even education. I value a good education very much but if we're making a college education a standard then is a "standard" now "valuable" just because "we" say so?
Are you saying education isnt a right? Jesus. So because everyone's educated, education is worth nothing? That's crazy.

Again, most 1st world countries offer free Higher Education to their citizens, because they understand that an educated population is the greatest investment they can make in their countries.

Not only do we not offer free education, we charge the highest for it, including scam for-profit colleges that charge as much as they want and offer phony degrees that are worthless in the real world. No other country does that shit. No other country puts their TEENAGERS in massive, massive debt just when they're trying to get their lives started. Why would they?

Andif you make a mistake, or if the job market with which you are educated changes, and you want to go back to school - you can't. Because its too expensive. OFten times college is one-shot deal. Get it right the first time or not at all. Either way, you're still fucked with student debt.

Remember about 50 or so years ago, after the war, the government started offering free college tuition to degrees that were in high demand, like engineering. Why? Because they knew then that we were falling behind in key areas that could drastically affect our country down the line. It wasnt a handout. It was an investment in the future of this country.

Even more motivation to go on and find a better job somewhere else. I don't care how someone takes this but god damn it! Grow up! Be a responsible adult! "Do not ask what your country can do for you!" Sound familiar? People refuse to change their lives but that doesn't mean others should carry the burden and change it for them because they're too irresponsible. Why do we want to encourage irresponsibility in the first place? I respect them as well but where my respect ends is when they expect others to give them more for what they didn't earn. If I was a worker at a place 5 years removed from a minimum wage the last thing I would want is a higher minimum wage. "Yay I just worked hard for 5 years just to earn just as much as some 16 year old who just waltzed in to the place with no experience."
I think you're incredibly far removed from the way the world actually works now. Simply working hard doesnt necessarily guarantee success anymore.

You find it offensive to raise the minimum wage because then people who worked hard for years would be mad? Well guess what, I worked hard in college and I Still got paid the same as some 16 year old kid when I started. You dont magically get a raise just because of a degree.

The real working poor, the ones with families to support, the ones that dont have a mama to move in with, they work their asses off, they raise families, they work 3, 4, 5 jobs just to have enough to eat. And you think thats just because theyre uneducated, becuse they dont work hard, because they havent earned it, because they're havent "grown up"?? What kind of a compassionless monster are you? I dont think you have any clue how hard these people work.

Helping people that work hard is not a handout. It's compassionate. It's fair. It's kind. It's also an investment in the future.

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