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$15hr!? Fast Food is an entry level job. The mangers of these places don't even make $15hr. I know many people with college degrees that don't make that much. This is ridiculous. How does it make sense that an inexperienced 16yr old could possibly go out and get the common-teen-job of fast food, and make more than a 26yr old college graduate?
Because both wages are bad, you fool.

$15 x 40 (hours) x 52 (weeks) = $31,200. A little over 30,000 dollars. That is bad.

The 16 yr old shouldn't be making more than the college graduate, because the college graduate shouldn't be making $15 an hour.

This is how this works: instead of the college graduate realizing they're both getting fucked, and banding together to support better rights for all workers, he wants the person making less to suffer more, so that he can at least be superior to that lowlife. That is class warfare. Divide the enemy and conquer, as they say.

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