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Because both wages are bad, you fool.

$15 x 40 (hours) x 52 (weeks) = $31,200. A little over 30,000 dollars. That is bad.

The 16 yr old shouldn't be making more than the college graduate, because the college graduate shouldn't be making $15 an hour.

This is how this works: instead of the college graduate realizing they're both getting fucked, and banding together to support better rights for all workers, he wants the person making less to suffer more, so that he can at least be superior to that lowlife. That is class warfare. Divide the enemy and conquer, as they say.
But if all the wages go up, then so will the cost of living. It will cause inflation. It will cancel itself out. It always has, and always will.

$30,000 isn't great, but it isn't bad. It might be bad to you. It's more than what I make.

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The worker shouldn't feel bad that other people are now able to make the same amount by working less because it's spiteful, childish, and idiotic.

Why should other people make the same as I do? If they do, I won't be able to feel superior to them. The answer is because your sense of superiority is less important than other people's ability to live dignified lives.
It's not about that at all.

This isn't some ridiculous class warfare, it's simply: “I went to school. I spent all these years, money, and sacrifice to earn a better living for myself. So, why am I tens of thousands of dollars in debt with school loans and still earning as much money as I would have if I had never gone to school?”

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