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Sorry. I have actually been lurking daily on this forum since 2001 (i should have joined then). Then I would have been a member for 10 years instead of 5 years. If I had known back then what I do now. That all of you are a bunch of movie-geek knuckle-heads, who I have come to not only respect, but thoroughly enjoy being amongst, I would be a long term member. Luv all you Schmoes and Schmoettes. All of you guys seriously rock. I mean that.

Now to your question. I used to collect movie wallpapers. And I googled for some. JB's name was first for some reason. I spent many years in the movie wallpaper section on this awesome site. I would then scope out the forums and see what was cookin'. Then after 5 years (still can't believe I took that long), I took the plunge and registered. I felt very out of place among all you guys and gals for the longest time. Only recently have I felt truly at home here. Since then I have never really looked back.

By the way. Just so you all know, I am a female, not a guy...
God of War you scared the hell out of me grins
i nearly had a heart attack

I looked at the spoiler oh l feel better now

Well l know this thread had been going for a while so well l just wanted to post and get it started again

I jioned the forum in early 2010 and it was a freind who suggested this forum

I am glad l did jion even though l have had my ups and downs
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