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Just because the job is "unskilled" doesn't mean it's not hard work. Fast food and other similar service jobs are often thankless, grueling, soul-crushing lines of work, but often times are the only option. Getting an education in America isn't easy and is no guarantee for a successful career.

Try learning about the unbreakable cycle of poverty and what the phrase "working poor" means.
Sorry buddy. Do not agree at all. My family came over from Italy, dirt poor. They came over legally through Ellis Island. They settled in Brooklyn. My grandfather lived through the despression and was dirt poor. He did finish high school. He and all his siblings (8 of them) all finished high school and worked hard. They all settled into the middle class. Some went into the armed forces (since WW2 was going on at that point). Every generation has done better than the last. My (our) generation has been getting fucked over more than the others, but still ahead of our parents. My mini van costs more than my Grandfather's only house. You can work hard and move up.

Soul crushing?? LOL Fast food is not soul crashing. It is just greasy.

The entire world's business is based on someone holding entry level, unskilled, low paying positions. Of course it is hard work, but that does not mean anything in this conversation
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