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Okay, as a huge Halloween fan I must admit they screwed this one up large. My take (and it's just my opinion) on the fetus thing is that they were attempts at Michael's children gone wrong (either cloned or miscarried). Hence, he impreginates his niece to create a child who would exist completely of his blood line and therefore be the ultimate lame is that...wouldn't he just want to kill it??? Weird, but that's how I saw it.
Of course Michael would want to kill it. It's not like it was his decision to get Jamie pregnant just to make a carbon copy of himself. That would all be Wynn's idea. It's rather odd for me making a reply to a post more than ten years old but hey, this thread caught my eye.

The ending has has me puzzled and I've spent the last few years trying to get it. Wynn talks to Loomis about Michael's evil and that he's had failures, but never exactly talks about what those failures were. In the Unrated Director's Cut, there's extra dialogue in the scene where the failures are the result of trying to control Michael (why was this cut?). In the hallway, we hear those doctors talking about a scientific breakthrough procedure involving Michael's DNA. In the Unrated Director's Cut, there's dialogue stating that it's a cure for a genetic disease (why the heck was this cut?). The doctors don't seem to be part of the cult since Wynn walks up to the guy in the robe and tells him to take his robe of since Halloween was over and turns to the others expecting a joke out of that. Then we see a tank of fetuses at the end.

I thought Steven was the result of the experiment. But if that was the case then why was he marked with the Thorn symbol in blood at the start of the movie in a ceremonial room? Then there's the fact that we have Wynn trying to lead Danny into becoming the next Michael and he abducts him and Kara as well. Then we have Jamie's opening lines at the start of the movie implying rape on Michael's part. Now it would be easier if one were to look at it as Wynn wanting to sacrifice the baby, make Danny the new killer after he kills Kara, but was side-tracked on the whole experiment thing. But how would we get passed Wynn's lines to Loomis in the office where he talks of failures and then Steven with all the stuff about him harnessing Michael's power removed plus Jamie's opening lines pulled from her flashback scene in the P-Cut, where Michael's about to rape her, still indicating rape?
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