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Someone mentioned (couldnt find it) that there's more than just an education, there's also EXPERIENCE. Well, a running gag of the world is that you need experience to get experience. "On-the-job training" is all but disappeared. Few companies hire workers with no experience. It's a very real catch-22.

Furthermore, we do not "demand high wages" when we graduate. I didn't. What I wanted was to make a living as an artist. My "second job" waas where I punched a clock, and my third, and occasionally my fourth. I dont mind being poor for that.

I do enjoy eating though. Thats pretty nice. I mean, it may not mean much to anyone but me, people may want to cry bullshit, or man up, but... I work hard, man. And some days all I want is to be treated like a human being and not a lowlife, to be shown a modicum of respect. If you ever feel like showing some real kindness and cheering someone up, go into any fast food place, and sincerely thank the person who hands you your food, more than just a thank you. It's only happened to me a handful of times. In my life. And it's just, just great. But it is because it happens so rarely.
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