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I don't want to cause any problems. Seriously. But, there have been many members who have been on here for many years and I am guessing they have graduated from teens and young college like adults into full on adults that now have families and bills and careers and debt. Their lives have probably changed over the years, so movies might not play as big a part of life as it once did. That might be a reason why certain categories have been busier than others. I myself, did not join the site until a few years ago, so I am not in the same boat, but I do see less and less movies these days now that I have kids and with the costs of movies that have become so high and the quality if just trash these days. Movies have become less important and things like taxes and social issues have grown. It might be just me, so that is my two cents. I like the idea that a generation of people have graduated during the lifetime of this site. Joblo should be proud

PS please waituntil after the football season to ban me. I still want to try to beat horror in the pool.
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