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I think one of the ways we can fix it is for everyone to understand that part of being a citizen is PAYING TAXES. (Death and taxes, remember?) Understanding that giving citizens a higher eduction benefits ALL and not just those receiving it is another.

I honestly dont think people wouldn't mind paying higher taxes if they looked around and realized their country was better for it. Any logical person knows the blame doesnt fall squarely on Obama, so, please, stop that nonsense. There's two other factions to our government - most of whom are old white guys looking to better THEIR situation, typically at the expense of the next generation.

My opinion is theres just too many damn people inthe world. Maybe we just hit maximum occupancy on the number of jobs int he world. What we really need is a good ol' fashioned plague to thin the herd.
Does that really include everyone or do you just mean some of us should pay more? Just curious and seeking clarification.

I am sorry, no. We give people a free elementary education. I am 100% against giving people a college education. I say lower the costs first before we start dumping more money into education. When I talked about Obama care I was talking about idealogy of how his admin chose to handle the problem. There is no Obama nonsense or blame. Sorry you misunderstood. I do take offense to your old white man comment. There are many minorities and women in government today less you forget about Nancy P. I hope that last part is a joke.

Should I take it that you are declining my help and insight into your situation or are you thinking it over? I don't mean to insult you, but according to what you said here, it does not appear like your plans and ideals have worked out well for you so far. Perhaps you are in need of a different opinion. I suggest you look in the mirror and see what is really holding you back. I just don't buy that you are a person with a college degree and can't do any better than what you claim.

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Oh yeah man. I'm in the minority on McDonald's but I also am not a poor single mom who sees cheaper meals at McD's as a cheaper and more efficient alternative to going to the grocery. I just think it's ass-backwards. That mom should be able to save money and time by getting meals, even prepared ones, from the grocery/deli counter. We all know that's the better choice but the problem is that the corner grocer doesn't have government in it's pocket like McDonald's does, which brings me to my point that McDonald's, and other corps like McDonald's don't have much defense in terms of the "government lay off card." They are already sucking at government's tit and shouldn't care when they are asked to make sure their friends are wiping their feet at the door. I feel the same way when I see a person receiving welfare complaining about the cost of cigarettes..
I am going to have to ask for examples to support your claims. Blanket statements are not working for me here and I would like to better understand what you mean.
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