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Filmm school through commentaries

A bit of promotion, but promotion for a good cause that deals with filmmaking. I'm a young (struggling) filmmaker, and when I'm not shooting, I study films and listen to a ton of commentaries while taking notes. Early in august I started a channel on youtube where I post only the best excerpts from commentaries - meaning, the most valuable to the understanding of the film craft.

I started it as a reaction to being serious about it, also I just started a blog as an addendum to it. This is all to motivate me to keep going, but I'm sharing this here because I know there's a few of us schmoes here who are also filmmakers, like Scarface98.9, Cop No. 633, and Monotreme, who's been AWOL for quite a bit - but I'd take it that's cause NYU is kicking his ass.

So if you find this valuable, I'm happy about it.

Here's the blog:

and the YT channel:

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