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There is no such thing as free. Someone pays for it. There needs to be costs involved. Maybe there are better ways to contruct the whole process to limit costs of a college education, which I think has been happening over the last 20 years.

LOL That is life and there are plenty of people who do not go or choose not to go to college and opt to go into the workforce only to realize what kind of crappy jobs they can get and how little money they get paid. Some (like me) opt to go into the military before college. Life is long and one can make mistakes and live ling enough to correct them to their liking. Hopefully, more and more kids have good parents or others to guide them better.

Not in this thread, but I think we should talk about why does college cost so much. Doing what Obama has done with healthcare is not going to work. We can't or shouldn't just move who pays for it. We need to figure out why it costs so much and take steps to correct it.

I am sorry in your experience you have not had many benefits of your education. Education is more than just your degree though. Education is also work experience. Employers want instant results and very lazy to train workers in an employers market. I would be interested to know what you have your degree in and what kind of work you have done. Maybe I can make a suggestion for you.

But one thing is clear, as a whole people with degrees make more money over their lifetime than those who do not hold them. SO hang in there and I believe the worm will turn.

That goes back to looking into why the costs are so high. It also has to do with personal decisions. Not very smart to go into 6 figure debt only to get a job that starts out at under $50K. One needs to make better decisions.

How old are you? No one said you were going to make a boat load of money out of college. People tend not to hit their financial stride until their late 30's and early 40's. I don't believe people lied to you. I think people are not patient. Plus, people of our generation have been fucked over by the older generations. We have had to live with more expenses and debt and hardships than any other generation since the people from the 20's. This is why there are so many people who do not like the idea of the federal govt running the debt up to $16 trillion. The feds just can't claim bankruptcy.

Things go in cycles. People thought it was a good idea to go into debt for the sake of education. Now people are starting to rethink that. It seems like you got fucked. I am sorry about that, but hang in there. Another factor is where you live. It is the job of your local government to make sure there are jobs to be found (another topic for another thread).
I've been having a lot of thoughts in this avenue and rethinking how colleges should work myself.

What I've learned and observed in this economy when it comes to recent grads is that nowadays its experience that's gonna get you through the door. Early on after the vast layoffs following the crash, a number of older people who were laid off had mortgages, car payments, bills and dependents to take care of. When they couldn't get work even remotely within their old job title they took whatever paid and was usually below their old pay-rate. And these were positions usually filled by the unskilled or college grads.

For as much as you pay for college, your entry level is still considered unskilled because you have not been a part of that company's workflow or had experience in troubleshooting at that professional level. And you're right, people are too lazy or lack the creativity and/or energy to train the next generation that's supposed to eventually take over their field. But I've spoken with people who got around the expenses of training people and really innovated how it was done in their company, Harmonix being one of them. I've also seen companies who bragged to shareholders about getting tax breaks and essentially had people "pay them" to let them work/train for/with them. (One place went out of business in a profoundly fucked up way).

The bottom line, in this economy experience is your trump card. How you acquire it is the finessing that you have to personally find out on your own.
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