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I hear ya. Are you alright now though, electriclite? Did you find a job you like, or at least something? It's a fucking bitch especially when you apply for a shitty internship position that you're overqualified for and don't even get a call - now THAT stings.

Dude, unpaid internships are a fucking dirty word to me after this experience. If you need me, fucking pay me. Even if its shit, show me that the work I'm gonna do has some value, because if they're not gonna pay you for work then its not anything they really value to begin with, and why would you want to waste your time working on that?

I was EXTREMELY lucky. I applied to a job at a science museum for a technology mentor position working with kids. The irony of it is, I NEVER thought I could work with kids. I thought I did not have the temperment for it and considering all the legalities involved working with kids I thought I would never get a call let alone an interview. I had no previous experience working with kids, but they called gave me a phone interview and hired me. I was only once a week helping kids create 3D representations of climate change (whether you believe it exists or not it gave me a job and a paycheck for 7 months). To my surprise I actually did a really good job. The people AND the kids loved me. So much so they invited me to work two 2 week summer sessions.

The sad thing is the program finally ended after this summer, and of course I was bummed about being unemployed again, but after I had sent a connection invitation from my LinkedIn account to my supervisor I got a call from him. He told me he was writing a bunch of grant proposals with me in mind to work on those projects. He said some extremely nice things about me that I swear almost made me tear-up. It was akin to that feeling when you find out a crush you have actually likes you back. I spent almost 2 years feeling obsolete and useless and here was someone telling me "No you're not, in fact you're awesome and we like you!" That was a badly needed injection of confidence and purpose.

I am working right now, part-time at a nice place and things are looking up and I'm using this opportunity to really build myself back up again.

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