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I just felt that it was all a little obvious, which is something I don't come to expect from Haneke. I will obviously be pleased if he is recognized by the Academy (he's a great director and Amour is pretty good), but in an ideal world he should be recognized for his other (better) work.
I hear ya. It's definitely not his best work and it was evident that he was a bit out of his comfort zone with this one, but it's one of my favorites of the year still (goes to show how much I admire him as a filmmaker; even when he doesn't meet his own standards he makes one of the best movies of the year)

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She's an idiot. Instead of recognizing that there are a ton of great films this year (something people like Tapley and Thompson frequently discuss) she just picks one film and treats it likes it's that film against the world. Django screened the other day to rave reactions and she puts up this big defense of "you guys shouldn't be talking about Oscars with this movie" when she hasn't even seen it. She's just always trying to protect her baby, which this year is Lincoln. Even when she says good things about other movies, it always just feels like she's saying it to cover up the fact that her life revolves around trying to get Lincoln to win. She also makes proclamations that make absolutely no sense. There's no way in hell that Lincoln is some cerebral movie where audiences have to "do the work" to understand it. Lincoln is about as straight forward as a film can get and is in no way "cerebral". I've seen 15+ films this year more complex than Lincoln. She is the equivalent of a child who vomits an argument and then puts her fingers in her ears while she jumps up and down and says "lalalalalalalala" whenever someone provides a good counterargument.
Hmm, I didn't see that bit about Django. I've read from her that she loves Tarantino, and she's been helping to spread the Oscar buzz for it from the get go. Strange. Anyways, I can totally see how a lot of people don't like her. She fell in love with Argo, Life of Pi, The Master, Cloud Atlas and Dark Knight Rises just as much as she fell in love with Lincoln, but the way I see it is that she's championing Lincoln because she knows the others don't really stand a chance at winning. Anyways, she also completely fell in love with Zero Dark Thirty, and she calls The Hurt Locker "one of the best movies ever" so it's going to be interesting to see who she swings for more this time around, ZD30 or Lincoln. Because she didn't take kindly to Les Miz or Silver Linings.

I don't always agree with her, but I love how long her articles are (the reader in me I guess) and the comments section on AD is crazy entertaining/informative sometimes.

Not that I wouldn't mind hearing what Sasha Grey had to say about the Oscars.
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