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Oh, he's not a contender at all, I'm just saying that the name will be brought up by some because he wasn't recognized for his work in the LOTR trilogy. His part is minimal in the film (like a 10 minute scene), but it's big enough for a few articles to be written about it, like last year with Apes. I mean, Hathaway is going to win supporting actress, and that is a very small role (like a few scenes based on what I've heard). The size of supporting roles really doesn't matter, it's all about impact.

I also disagree that they should only vote for someone who has a chance at winning. This narrow-minded approach is why we often end up with such boring/predictable nominees/winners. Every once in a while, if you have enough people who go against the grain, someone like Weisz can end up getting recognition.
I'm behind that too, I guess I didn't stress enough the deserving part. It's about the performance for me, first and foremost, if I was an insider living in Hollywood I would perhaps think more politically and say it's not about performance it's about recognition. I wish I could compare Weisz to the other performances I've seen, Cotillard and Riva especially, but it should really be about who deserves it most. Does Serkis deserve it for The Hobbit alone? If so, great, tick the box. But if you're ticking that box because of past mistakes, you're doing a disservice to someone who's worked hard that year and deserves to be awarded for it.
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