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Nah, I still don't buy that Zero Dark Thirty is the frontrunner just because it won the first two critics' prizes out of the gate. It may even continue to dominate through the critic phase of precursor season, but once the guilds, the Golden Globes, and BAFTA's start to pour in with their nominations, I suspect Les Miserables and Lincoln will regain the spotlight pretty easily. I do think Zero Dark Thirty is now an absolute lock for Picture and Director nominations, but as far as it winning, I'm still unconvinced. Les Miz is still the frontrunner to me, and I'll believe that until it loses the PGA and SAG Best Ensemble awards (both of which I think it will win).

If all of this early love for Zero Dark Thirty has done anything for my perceptions of the race, it's to convince me that Jessica Chastain is a serious threat for Best Actress.
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