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No, definitely meant it for all. I had a pretty naive idea while ago, that we should be able to decide where our taxes go, or like maybe half. Like, at the end of the year, when you get your tax-bill, it says "You owe: xx,xxx.xx dollars. Where would you like it go?"

And then lists all the government-funded programs that exist - Department of Defense, Education, Health Care, NASA, etc. Then you'd really see a government by the people, for the people.

Government programs that were underfunded would just have to work with what they have, and I'm sure the ENTIRE other half would just be thrown at the military, like always. (You wanna lower the budget, you can start with the Defense budget, which is six times higher than any other country.)

It's not enough anymore to simply elect people and then have them lie about every single thing they promised in their campaign. It should absolutely be illegal for them to lie when speaking to the public, under penalty of perjury; furthermore, we need to outlaw government lobbying, so that corporations cant buy their way into Washington. It's legal bribery, and it's unheard of in other industrialized nations.
Just curious, how old are you? Your thoughts are not bad, but they seem inexperienced to me.

I agree with the defense budget. Been this way since WW2.
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