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I am going to revisit the RG3 comments I made a few weeks ago.
I still say he is not all that good yet. Not nearly as good as the press (ESPN for the most part) brags about him. I saw the Monday night game as I am a Giant fan and they made it seem like he was putting up huge numbers. He threw for under 200 yards. Big deal. He ran for 70 something yards. If he wants to make it to see 30 in this league he better learn to throw more and run less and if he rans, stop getting hit so much. He is lucky he did not hurt himself on that one play where he put his arm up as he was going down.

I think he is doing a great job for a rookie. He has a lot of talent. He has a good mind for the position. But like many rookies that have had great rookie years, he needs to develop his game. I still have yet to see Luck play much, so I do not have an opinion of him, so this is not a comparison. It bothers me that RG3 is talked about like he is one of the best in the league. Did anyone catch the comment Gruden made when he fumbled the ball? What a fucking joke. He played it out like the man meant to fumble the ball. A joke. It is ok to say he made a mistake. He also only completed 13 passes. One throw at the end was nice though and the point to beating the G men was to run the ball, but take it easy on promoting this guy to be all world. He is not... yet
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