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im not sure if this had already been pointed out (with over 900 replies im sure it has)... but there was all this talk about how did bruce wayne get back to gotham after escaping the pit so fast... but in the movie Luscious says that the bomb is set to go off in 23 days... when Wayne shows up the Bomb is set to go off the next day... so it took Wayne around 22 days to get back. everyone said it was a plot hole, but it turns out Nolan was smarter than all of us!

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The plot hole was never about the time. It was more of a question of how does a man with no money travel across the world, and enter a city guarded by the military who is keeping people from getting in or out? He's Batman so I'm sure he could do it, but that is a pretty big hurdle for our hero to overcome without explanation.

It almost feels like a joke or a comedy skit where the hero says "We need to cross thousands of miles of ocean and land, and break into this heavily fortified base. We have no money, no vehicles, and no help. We are on our own.", then in the very next scene they are inside the base. That's a lot of very important information to just completely skip over.
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