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I don't think he's seen it (no one had at that point). In context, the question was about whether it was right to dramatize actual historical events/individuals for entertainment, which Mark Boal (who was in the rountable) did for Zero Dark. I think he was just slamming the notion that Boal had dramatized the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. He then went on to slam Downfall and Schindler's List.
Ah ok, yeah that makes sense. My initial reactions were mixed when I first heard ZD30 getting made because of that. Guess Haneke must hate Argo too. An American friend of mine who saw Argo with me, said how pissed he is that ZD30 is coming out and revealing information that shouldn't be open to the public when it took years and years for Clinton to finally disclose the Argo case. There's definitely a debate somewhere in there..
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