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This “Found Footage Party Movie” could have something going for the audience, evoking a funny comedy with hilarious characters and scenarios abound. But, the makers of this film are quite content with providing an aesthetic of an uninspired MTV hip-hop video, characters with a personality of an out-of-date peanut, and moments that are about as clichéd as a fart to create an uncomfortable moment (Though, farts are pretty hilarious if used in the best context, but that’s just this immature reviewer’s opinion).

If there’s something to be said about the positives of Project X, it’s that it never feels boring. Director Nima Nourizadeh and screenwriters Matt Drake and Michael Bacall keep the ball rolling with the film, going through each scene of character development or hilarious shenanigan quickly to get to the next scenario. At a run time of 88 minutes, nothing feels elongated or annoying. It’s a tight film, but the character’s journey that we, the audience, are following have nothing even remotely interesting to bring to the film.

The film follows the lanky kid Tom (Thomas Mann) who, with the help of his two friends Costa (Oliver Cooper) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown), are throwing a huge birthday of Tom in the hopes of getting them higher on their High School social circle. Unfortunately, these characters are interesting in the slightest. Tom is a loser because the movie has to repeatedly remind us in the opening act (by his dad, no less) that he’s just a boring human being that has no cool qualities whatsoever. That can also be the case for the actor, who shows no vitality in his character whatsoever, especially when it comes to a budding romance with the typical love interest. He’s the very definition of a non-character., never evolving as run time goes by, and pretty much is the exact same person at the end of the movie.

Cooper’s Costa, on the other hand, is every overbearing quality that viewers didn’t like about Jonah hill’s character in Superbad, times 11. This guy just does not stop with his douche personality, always feeling the need to spout misogyny every chance that he gets, or calling JB fat any chance he gets. Oh, and that’s what Jonathan Daniel Brown’s character pretty much encompasses, fat jokes. You see, it’s because JB is overweight so Cooper’s Costa and the screenwriters need to throw every fat joke from humor sites or joke books to reinforce that point. He’s not a character, he’s a dying running joke the second that the gag starts.

As for the jokes in this film, they are pretty sub-standard to say the least. They are some minor jokes that elicited a bit of a chuckle here and there, but the majority of the film is montage of people doing drugs, countless camera shots ogling women, and people having a good time. That’s understandable in applying the increasingly crazy shenanigans that the guys’ party is coming towards to, but by the third montage it becomes kind of repetitive and filler.

But interestingly, Project X isn’t the worst movie that came out this year. It has no qualms of what the film is trying to do and who these types of characters are, and pretty much lets the audience know what this film is going to be about. It’s just a shame that the whole thing feels like it could be a much better film, with cool characters to hang with, jokes that didn’t feel so blatantly obvious, and less montages constantly showing the audience that “Hey, look how wild and crazy this party got!”

“And that kid’s fat!”