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Alright, broke into it, a early Xmas gift for me and a kid who's been home sick.

Wayne escapes, the next time frame given is 18 hours.

Again though, it wasn't about the feasibility (at least in my case) but more about the way things were cut. It just felt abrupt, kind of out of nowhere, which is a change of pace for the way Nolan has previously shown Wayne doing his thing. But again, it wasn't a real criticism on my end, just something that I wish had been done different. Even my favorite films, there's a few things I'd rather had been done different.

Also, I think you're the one I have to reply to on this, but having watched the BR, I hafta conceded on a point I was arguing against on Bane's voice. There is clearly something going on - I notice it much more than I did in my theatrical viewings. Maybe it was the sound system in the theater I'd seen it twice in, but watching it at home, it stands out. In terms of cadence and other such stuff, I'd never seen the IMAX preview outside of bad bootlegs, but I'm pretty sure you and others were right that it was changed. It's just too different from the other voices in the film to not think there was something reworked beyond just post tweaking.
I hated it. It sounded like they stuck a microphone inside the mask and used that audio. It was so detached. Not like if you were hearing it from outside.
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