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Damn, this year was pretty loaded.

Which I guess is a good thing but it looks like Phoenix will probably miss out on getting the Oscar.
Joaquin Phoenix has no chance of winning. There are some people who think he might not even be nominated. That movie is pretty much on life support now. If it doesn't start winning some critics' awards soon, it could end up only getting a single nomination (for Hoffman). It really would be a shame if it didn't even get in for Best Cinematography, though.

As for Haneke's comments about Zero Dark Thirty, having read other interviews with him, I'm not surprised. He always makes bold, dismissive comments about other movies. He once said that all American blockbusters were just war-glorifying Bush propaganda (he said this during the Bush era, of course, and that's not the exact quote). I initially thought his criticism of ZDT had to do with the fact that it allegedly (I haven't seen it) portrays torture techniques in interrogation as having positive effects, but further reading has led me to believe he hasn't seen the movie either and is just making a prejudgment. Strangely enough, ZDT seems like it could be politicized from either side of the spectrum, since it supposedly has both the aforementioned pro-torture sentiment but has also been said to portray Obama in a positive light. Frankly, however, I wonder if there's any political objective at all, or if people are just reading their own politics into its depiction of events.
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