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A note on him not passing the ball that much we run the ball a lot not just RG3 we have Alfred Morris who has been pretty damn good since week 1 and because of that we really dont need to pass the ball as much but when needed. The thing that impresses me is he doesnt make too many mistakes. That option hand off to Morris that seems to catch defenses off guard so many times its week 14 and teams still have yet to know how to stop that.

BTW as much press as RG3 gets and as well as he has played he does deserve it Luck is also getting his share of it. He does throw the ball a lot more due to Indy not really having a running game.

If you want a rookie QB tho thats not really getting that much attention compared to the other 2 that deserves some attention its Russel Wilson the last 4 weeks he has really been good and to do what he did on the road vs a very good Bears D there gets mad props for that.

Seeing this QB draft class this has the chance to potientially rival 1983's as the best one ever. Give me about 5 years for that tho

Very true on the mistakes. I do believe the Redskins have been doing various handoffs for years and years and they usually run well against the Giants esp when they use delayed handoffs, ect.

I am not going to play the compare game. Not saying you are. I am just saying that I don't do it. I don't do it for Brady - Manning, Elway - Montana, Manning E - Rivers, ect
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