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Are You A single Parent

One thing you always hear is about married members or single members but l would like to know if there is any single parents

I know life can be tough being a single parent and there are times that we become a single parent because a partner leaves the relationship or me where my boyfreind as soon as he found out l was pregnant he decided to leave me which was hard not having anyone by my side when l gave birth to my daughter also there might be single parents who become single parents because of losing there partner which can be hard

I just would like to know if there is anyone here who is a single paerent and it would be interesting to know all your stories and also know you are not the only one

But one thing l have to say there is a stigma on single parents and it is sad that people think of us like we are no hopers

I know my self that l have had my brothers by my side and also my father and my mum while l have brought my daughter up

I wanted strong role models for my daughter and l ahve to say they have always looked out for her in alot of ways

Alot of single parents do not even have that so l have to say l have been lucky to have support because it is hard going but it is also a blessing knowing that my daughter loves me

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