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Excellent observation. Wouldn't Wayne Manor have been Bane's first target for a takeover/destruction? Especially with knowing Bruce is having to watch the news from the pit.
Just simply another instance of the slapdash effort that is TDKR. Rushed, over plotted, too many characters(albeit paper mache characters), an absolutely ridiculous story and no sense of kinetic energy that the other two films posessed. I said it before and will say it again, there is approximately 4 minutes of actual energy and tension in the film. When Bane traps Bats in the sewers and they have an EPIC throw down.

Then Bats is taken to the prison and its back to a blindly meandering plot stumbling to the finish line still chugging its whiskey bottle. The 40 min finale also is lame as hell. Where was the thematic depth? There is none, no depth to this movie whatsoever which is why I was just flabbergasted Nolan went the route he did....he made an actual blockbuster. Not a film like BB or TDK. You think those films are categorized as blockbusters? Theyre films that are NOT mainstreamed to a wide audience, TDKR is nothing but that.....a popcorn piece.
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