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Like I said all along, having Batman come-back/un-retire TWICE in the same movie clogged it up. A great movie would have been for Batman to be broken early, then watch as hes totally crippled financially. He's beaten. He could slink away into that prison and have peace. But he doesnt, he rises, he gets his back fixed, he gets outta the prison, THEN HE HAS TO TRAIN, to re-discover Batman, put himself through hell again and find that edge again.

All the while, Gotham is basically a disaster-movie. Cut off from the world, ruled by a dictator. I've never seen a comic book movie like that, and it was awesome, but it wasn't explored enough.

The whole "retired" subplot was redundant. Worse though, is all the important bits could have been incorporated into the "broken bat" plotline. And it wouldnt have made Batman quit, which is something he would never, ever do, no matter how sad he was. Boo hoo, your girlfriend died and you... retired? The only other great tragedy in your life was when your parents were killed and you USED THAT PAIN to become Batman. But your girlfriend dies and you do the opposite? What?

Also, he could have just used those stun darts on Bane that he used on all the guards. Just sayin'.

The biggest misconception about this movie is that he quit because Rachel died. No, he quit because he had to at the end of TDK and Batman wasn't needed anymore. Rachels death was the main reason for Bruce Waynes reclusive behavior. Not Batmans.

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