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The whole "retired" subplot was redundant. Worse though, is all the important bits could have been incorporated into the "broken bat" plotline. And it wouldnt have made Batman quit, which is something he would never, ever do, no matter how sad he was. Boo hoo, your girlfriend died and you... retired? The only other great tragedy in your life was when your parents were killed and you USED THAT PAIN to become Batman. But your girlfriend dies and you do the opposite? What?
He didn't retire because Rachel died, he retired because he put an end to organized crime and there was no need for Batman anymore. Early in the movie Alfred says that Bruce is just waiting around for another threat to Gotham so he can return as Batman.

As for Bruce's return to Gotham, it's just a jump cut. I think several things should have been fleshed out in this movie, but that is not one of them.
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