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Crazy that people are misinterpreting this film to such high degrees and still looking for explanations for everything that happens.

What's crazy is that you're dissing a discussion for the sake of just randomly shooting down criticisms that organically arise as part of that discussion. I don't think the condescending attitude is really warranted. It's pretty cool, and perhaps a better acclaim for this film, that so many months after the movie came out, a video release gets people so eager to continue discussing it.

But yeah, I do agree with, as others pointed out, I don't get where it comes from -- the idea that Batman retired because of Rachel. It was very explicitly stated in the end of TDK and touched on throughout the trilogy from the beginning that Batman main goal was in trying to bring hope to Gotham and then retouched on at the start or Rises that Dent's death was what he saw as hope. That's part of the reason I felt the conclusion of the trilogy scored so well. Wayne starting a family again was another thematic thread and it was there that Rachel's death played the part.
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