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*not sure if serious joker pic*

Early reviews seem to indicate this could have the potential to be a bigger disappointment than Prometheus.
Geez I hope not. Prometheus really sucked ass and I am depending on this movie and Django to save 2012 for me.

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The LOTR movies are kind of a big deal around here, but I couldn't stand them, and this looks like more of the same - if anything it looks worse to me. Why? Because Bilbo fucking Baggins.

The "reluctant hero" is a common storytelling trope, but Bilbo takes it to the extreme. They guy is such an annoying, whiny pussy that just watching brief clips of him drive me crazy. The idea of spending another three three-hour movies with that asshole sounds like the worst thing in the world.

Speaking of which, now that we're in the official thread for the movie, how in the fuck do you take a single 300 page book and turn it into three three-hour movies? Especially considering it was already made into an already very faithful adaptation in the form of a 90 minute animated movie?

Fuck this shit.
Really angry today. No morning coffee? There is a decent article in Entertainment Weekly that would answer your last question.

I am not a LOTR geek. I did not have time to read the books. I just think they are good fun and fantasy films. The first three were really done well. Hero movies are fun.

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I have zero interest in this movie. Lord of the Rings was fun at the time, but looking back they were extremely flawed and just generally mediocre movies.

Not to mention The Hobbit as a book is just effing awful.
WOW! The Hobbit book is a time tested classic of imagination and fantasy. I believe there were many movies created based on what was in the books. Star Wars for one.

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I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan. Loved the films to death at the time. Now, I am older, and able to look at them with a far more objective eye. They are certainly flawed (particuarly 2 and 3, for me), but they are still amazing, wonderful films made with true passion and imagination. I think they are probably the best fantasy films ever made, and certainly no other movie(s) since has matched the texture and believability of the giant-scale world they created (save for maybe Avatar, and on a world-building level and not a storytelling one).

I'm definitely looking forward to The Hobbit. I haven't been exactly chomping at the bit, for a few reasons - the story of the Hobbit is just smaller-scale in the writing, and also turning it into three movies has left me feeling a little anxious. But I'm still feeling pretty happy to return to Jackson's Middle Earth, and hoping to enjoy the movie.
I did not read the books. I am wondering what you mean by flawed. Please explain.
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