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Well, since we cant ever outlaw alcohol no matter how many lives it claims, both by drunk driving and health problems, why not install a mandatory breathalyzer in every car that wont start until you pass?
I really do not like when people write or think like this for a couple reasons.

1. As long as there is a will, there will be a way. A also heard about some sort of a thumb print sensor that can read your BAL as well. See 40 Year Old Virgin again.

2. I do not believe it is up to the government to be all up in our shit like that. We need to learn and practive personal responsibility.

Someone said that everyone has driven drunk. I have as well and it was stupid and I am grateful I did not have to learn the hardway. Well, in NJ BAL is at .08% so that is like 2 drinks, so when I did it was not legally drunk, but not buzzed or worse.
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