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How about instead of breathalyzers in every car or sentence non-lethal offenders to prison we could actually try to treat people like sentence them to a drug and alcohol treatment facility? It would be cheaper and more effective. The problem in many cases isn't of reckless endangerment as much as its a problem of alcoholism. Many will keep driving drunk unless they're given proper treatment. Lethal offenders, drivers who injured others and damage to property should be handled different though.

In general our society approves and even glorifies its citizens to consume a judgment impairing substance. So why are we so appalled when we hear someone's lack of judgment happens at the wrong place at the wrong time? I just find everyone's reactions a little over the top especially in instances when its not premeditated. I also find it crazy that we expend so much effort fighting drugs other than alcohol, then allow alcohol to be legal yet freak out when someone gets killed as a result of it. Booze is, far and away, the worst of the impairing sub stances if you look at the social fallout from its use. If you want to stop a weed from growing you gotta pull it from its roots. Again in many cases treatment need to be the focus not punishment. Any further clarification refer to what I said above.

But still in the end people still need to learn personal responsibility and receive treatment. If not personal responsibility for alcohol abuse how about personal responsibility for texting while driving for example. Numerous studies have shown that texting while driving or even punching keys on a GPS is much more dangerous than driving significantly above the legal limit. Even the majority of people who said they never even had two beers before driving have putzed around with their mobile device while driving.

Nobody can or will be able to do anything to stop a texting accident prior to it at least for the foreseeable future. Even if people get into an accident many of them would just erase their message before sending if a bad accident happens. The only thing we can do is try to encourage a responsible society as much as we can. It shouldn't be the other way around where the responsible caters to the irresponsible. Who would pay for all these breathalyzers in millions of cars, bikes, trucks, etc.? Wait don't answer that I basically already know their answers.
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