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That may be a better explanation. However, why did he let his body go to pot? Why did he mope around with a cane? He bore all the hallmarks of grade-a depression, most likely from a combination of the two.

However, that doesnt change the fact that I felt it goes against his character. (And/or the character of Batman)
As some would argue, this is Nolan's Bruce/Batman; meaning, he is not confined to the traits and characteristics of the comic book tales. It's also a similar argument made about Alfred leaving Bruce in the film which completely goes against his comic book counterpart as well as his stance in both BB and TDK. I understood his seclusive attitude, as well as his look in TDKR, it was basically an embodiment of his guilt, failure, and the mental toll he took for the lost of Rachel and Harvey. The part that still baffles me is the magical knee brace
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