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My final favorite CD of 2012

#1 - Deftones / Koi No Yokan

No contest here. This CD is more rock than their usual nu-metal foundation but it's only the culmination of always re-inventing themselves subtlety on every album. Metallica could take a lesson here. This band evolved as i did and as a day 1 fan , no band ever did this do me. Chino is on top of his game ... again. Basically , Deftones went from a band to a sound. Actually , unlike Metallica , they deserve the mainstream rock radio recognition they got ( more like Tool ).


#2 - Fear Factory / The Industrialist

The band who cannot get a break even with a cult status. Internal scuffle about musical direction left them disorganized and making shitty records ( Digimortal , Transgression ). Mechanize was a great comeback but i liked The Industrialist better even if they replaced Gene "The Atomic Clock" Hoglan on drum with a machine. Fear Factory is all Burton & Dino anyway and the concept rocks !

FAV TRACK: God Eater

#3 - Grimes / Vision

Thought i was the only one who liked this CD but i guess a lot of Schmoes also do. Her blend of dubstep/electro/80s pop is mesmerizing. I guess the fact that Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) is a Montreal-born one woman musical machine helped me a bit in my judgement.

FAV TRACK: Genesis

#4 - Delerium / Music Box Opera

Delerium caught my attention way back then. Semantic Space was a hell of a dark new age / ambiant industrial record ( still one of my favorite). Like Deftones , the band changed its sound over the years ... probably because Silence with Sarah McLaughlan was such a big hit. My main draw is the quality of the new female singers this time around ( Stef Lang , Nadina and Anna-Lynne Williams ) while keeping the sure-shot around ( Leigh Nash , Kirsty Thirsk and JaŽl )

FAV TRACK : Light Your Light ( ft JaŽl )

#5 - Serj Tankian / Harakiri

Man , i miss SOAD. Just like RATM , this group burned out too fast. The solo project of Serj was OK til this record. The sound is very very close to what an actual SOAD record would have been and the political message hits you like a ton of brick.

FAV TRACK : Cornucopia


Front Line Assembly - Airmech OST

I didn't want to include this in my top 5 ( since it's basically the same people as Delerium ) but this CD is my 2012 equivalent of the Tron : Legacy soundtrack. Instead of a movie , it's for a videogame. I actually never played the game but i always slip this CD as my background music when i play Dead Island. This OST got the full pristine care package and when i listen to it , i mostly feel like lighting a cigar while sipping on a glass of cognac. Great achievement for a record 100% instrumental. Electronica Lounge with a dash of Dubstep .... simply awesome !

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