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adam, Jig…

I was just sharing something I thought was relatively cool and pertained to the discussion, not trying to argue that stuff that happens in Batman movies is 100% true to life. The leg brace was brought up as if it were some kind of magical and impossible technology, so I responded accordingly. Bruce's rate of healing is another thing all together but I was under the impression that he had been wearing the leg brace throughout since we never saw him in speedos after that scene.

You guys are picking arguments where there are none. That lady carrying groceries: now I know how she felt in her final moments after walking in on the Burly Brawl.
I'm sorry if my wording sounds like its coming off as argumentative, I really meant nothing by it.

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Why? The film's realistic, yeah - but it's heightened realism.
I just think, I don't know, someone putting on a robotic knee brace that gives them the ability to kick a brick wall with their barefoot is just too much for what we've seen Bruce do previously. Then again, it could have been the shoes
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