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this was a very disappointing movie for me. I thought it would be witty but aside from a few bright moments(the scene that shows how they get close together comes to mind) it was flat. It was visually appealing but i couldnt get into the relationship between the two kids. troop 55 are another bright spot in the film. the speech the kid gives about being jerks was funny.


but what's up with that scene when edward norton's character saves harvey keitel? or the scene where the boy gets struck by lightning?those scenes did not come across as funny.both were bizarre scenes that would probably get any other filmmaker scolded.

it's a unique film but in my opinion that doesnt make it great. some scenes felt forced and it seemed like wes anderson was unsure about what to do with the two characters once they were alone.

the beginning did nothing to set you up for their meeting once they runaway.

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this was one of the most overrated movies I have seen in a while. it did have some funny moments but overall I found it a chore to sit through. the little boy I thought was annoying and the little girl had no charm and came across as another version of Wednesday from the addams family. the ending with the little boy in the police uniform was pretty lame

one of the few scenes I did enjoy was when they write notes back and forth to one another and it shows how they got close.

I also liked some of the sets. the house was built unlike any other I have ever seen but it wasn't enough for me to love the movie. I did like it a little


I did like the royal tenenbaums a lot. I was hoping this movie would be witty like that
Uh oh, guys, silentasylum has amnesia.
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