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Ebert likes to point out the best acting jobs are almost always the unrecognized ones because the only reason a role would be recognized is if the actor is doing a HEY LOOK AT ME performance. It may be an excellent job in a role which demands that (think: There Will Be Blood) but it is nevertheless somewhat counter to what is at the true heart of acting. All of this is to say that in my view the work Pitt did in Tree of Life, Killing Them Softly, etc. was thankless, really aimed more at allowing those actors around him to flourish, but nonetheless absolutely excellent.
Agree with this.

I just think there is this thing where the "look at me" acting is perceived as better than the more naturlistic performances. I usually prefer naturalism myself.

I think someone like Jeff Bridges is just as good an actor as Daniel Day-Lewis, but it's not as interesting to hear about the process of a more natural performer than it is to hear about the lengths a method actor like Day-Lewis goes to for each role.

I'm sorry to go off the topic, but this is something that I've always found interesting in regards to acting.

Back on topic, Brad Pitt is just fine. Killing Them Softly just doesn't appear interesting to me at all and it looks like I'm not alone.

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