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"Hooooly fuck, you're Dickie Moser!"

That was one of the funniest lines on the show. For years, Estrada thought Dexter's name was Dickie. But maybe, just maybe, that will be next season's opening twist.... Dexter's not his real name. And Moser isn't his full last name. It's Dickie Moser-Estrada! Dexter just tried killing his real father who killed his mother and created the monster that is Dexter-Dickie Morgan-Moser Estrada del Matador.

Anybody else think the best subplot nobody's talking about is Quinn's secret coke addiction? It's pretty genius how Quinn has progressively looked more like an emaciated corpse who's constantly waking up in every scene. Look at Quinn's eyes in every scene he's in. They're doing things man. Desmond Harrington deserves an award for pushing himself to the limit ala Robert Deniro and Christian Bale. It's a true multi-layered performance that everyone has missed. That whole thing about Nadya and Gyorgy was just window dressing.
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