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Well, while I certainly don't understand the negativity posted above I myself will not be going to the theater for this. To me, it just seems overdone and a bit of a money grab at this point.

I grew up reading the books. Among my favorite reads as a kid. I thought Peter Jackson captured the books perfectly in LOTR. I still remember going to the theater for the first one, my jaw is still on the floor. It was perfect, just like I imagined it as I read it, right there on the big screen. Personally, I have never seen a director do such a good job of capturing a book like that. Like I said, to me, every scene in LOTR was just like I pictured it. I went to the next two and liked them, just as perfect as the first one, but the magic wasn't there like the first. I own the boxed set but hardly ever watch them. It is just too much movie, it feels like work sitting down to watch them all, and that magical feeling I got from the first viewing will never come back.

So now I find myself with The Hobbit thinking do I really want to sit through 9+ more hours of movie for this? Sure, Jackson is awesome, what he did can not be over stated. It was pure perfection. But at this point, it is enough IMHO. I will give these a watch on the inevitable directors cut blue ray, but I have no motivation to go to the theatre or buy and own them. JMTC

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